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You read that right – the items I’m going to mention now are present ideas for the mamas, not the babes!

When it comes to having a baby, it seems like we’re getting it all wrong. While a newborn baby is possibly the most heart-melting sight you ever saw, it’s important we don’t forget about the mama who got the baby here!

So, if you have a preggo friend or a friend who’s just become a mother, do some good this Holiday season and get her something she actually needs and will thank you for years later!

Without further ado, I present you my list of best gifts for moms!

1 Nursing pillow

Long gone are the days where these things cost an arm and a leg.

Now you can get a comfy cushion for a breastfeeding mama for less than….

There is a huge selection across the internet of course, but I would have to say that the most practical is one that doubles up as a newborn lounger.

Yes, that’s right – that means hands free and worry free mama for a few minutes!

2 Lip Balm

Us mamas know how important lip balm is for preventing the dreaded dry-lip season that is winter.

There’s only one problem with this – we always lose them!

So, what if you had a set of them? That way she can store one in her purse, one y her bed, one in the car…you get the idea.

All natural, paraben free, gorgeous flavoured lip balms.

3 Basket for nursing station

If there’s one life-saver item you decide to get your parent-to-be friends, take it from me, it’s this:

This magical caddy will come in handy for ever and ever and ever.

No more trips up and downstairs looking for something from the diaper station!

Plus, if she’s a breastfeeding mama, it may just be the best present you could get as the one frustrating feeling is when you sit down to start a feed, get the perfect latch then can’t reach the remote!

You can also fill the basket with goodies like yummy healthy snacks and watch as she smiles in delight!

4 Heat patch

So, here’s the thing: postpartum freaking hurts.

You think you’re gonna be all snuggled up and cosy with your newborn – which you are, but with aches and pains all over the place.

If it’s not your perineum, it’s your back, if it’s not your back it’s your shoulders from round-the-clock feeding sessions.

And what better hot water bottle than one that you can wrap around your waist/neck/wherever the hell mama needs it?

This is seriously genius stuff! No more carrying your heat pas around everywhere! I’m ordering one ASAP.

5 Drawer organizers

Have you ever heard of nesting?

It’s where mamas all over the world go organizer-crazy during the last few days before giving birth.

It doesn’t happen to everyone, but for those that do – I’ve got just the right present in mind.

Keeping baby gear tidy and in one place is a challenge, especially with how much they grow up and outgrow things!

Even if your mama friend isn’t the most organized person you know, it’s never too late to convert!

6 Nursing Sweatshirt

Whether a new mama wants to be a little discreet in public or just wants to avoid getting frozen nips (ouch!), this is a great winter treat that she’ll truly appreciate.

Again, there is a lot of choice out there, but this jumper is actually made from warm, fleecy material and is stylish enough for her to keep wearing after breastfeeding!

One great feature is that the nip zips are bearly noticeable, which makes it wearable long into motherhood.

7 Warm Slipper socks

This winter, I’m all about keeping my toes warm – and what woman isn’t?

Especially a new mama who’s got a million and one other things to think about, you might just make he rday if you give her the gift of warm feet.

Did I mention they come with little grips on the soles to make sure she doesn’t slip?

8 Coffee that doesn’t go cold

Yep, if there’s another mom frustration that can be avoided – cold coffee is one of them.

You get up in the morning, make a hot brew, then before you know it you got a diaper change on your hands, dinner to chop up and put in the one pot and BOOM your coffee needs re-heating.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid this whole scene?

Make a mom happy and get her a cup that keeps her coffee warm. Actually, make that two so she can share with her partner.

9 Pretty hair bands

Both new and veteran moms everywhere will be raising their hands in the air!

When you become a mother, it’s not always easy to get a shower every day…let alone wash your hair.

So what do we do? We tie it back obviously!

Even better if you can do that and manage to look good in the process!

Andddd when baby gets older, the hair pulling will start so this will save momma from getting head sore!

She’ll love it, I’m telling ya.

10 Natural beauty set

Oh yeahhhhh.

Mamas also have to look after themselves, ya know!

As our list of errands continues to get bigger, our faces can become more tired….

And we just need a break.

A rose quartz stone roller is the ideal gift for those 5 minutes of me time a mama might get in her day.

Chilled out mama = happy children. End of.

11 Face serum

If you’re going to get the set, get the serum to go with! No, just kidding you don’t have to get both.

But a mama’s skin can get tired and weary, especially on days where she’s only managed to get 4 hours of solid sleep.

It’s the little things that make us feel more human, after all.

12 Reusable bibs

Okay, confession: this isn’t directly for mama, but the stress it will save her is soooooo worth it!

All those spit ups, spit backs and spitting of food when baby starts weaning – no problem with a washable bib.

Seriously, this has been my life saver as I hate bibs, and particularly washing them over and over again.

Now with a quick wipe, I can pop it back on!

13 Nursing tanks

Hey, you might need to be a little more familiar with your mama friend if you’re going to get her this, but I guarantee, a nursing mom can never have enough of these.

Especially if they come in colors other than grey and black! Her gorgeous inner woman will come out as she’ll be wearing something other than the usual milk-stained t-shirt.

14 Diaper backpack

Let’s just say the obvious: diaper purses/handbags just aren’t practical for newbie mamas.

Just think, you’re already trying to scramble your way out of the house without forgetting anything AND you have to hold this bag with one arm?

Yeah, that ain’t happening.

My dad bought me a diaper change backpack for Christmas last year, which is exactly this one here:

Literally never been happier.

It’s so big and versatile – I can cram a load of stuff in there, I’ve traveled with my baby on a plane with it, and it can be an ordinary backpack too!

Good thing is, my man can wear it when we’re out and about.

Ask your mama friend if she has a diaper bag, if not – get her this. If she has a flimsy handbag type, get her this too.

15 Beautiful necklace

We all wanna look lovely, don’t we?

But it’s not always easy when you’ve got a new baby and you’re adjusting to postpartum life.

Just a little cute necklace can go a long way to brightening up andy mom-yoga-pants outfit. Trust me.

16 Baby wrap

Or why not gift a new mom the joy of free hands?

Newborn babies need to be close to their mama , which is nice and all but sometimes it can seem impossible to get things done around the house with them crying out for her.

I personally recommend the boba wrap – I still use it to this day and my babe’s now a one-year-old toddler!

17 Reusable breast pads

Last but not least…breast pads that you can wash.

I’ve tried numerous washable breast pads, and none compared to these for absorption (and I’m an over-producer)

Cause there is nothing worse than feeling wet and sticky now, is there? Granted, they’re a little on the thick side – but at least they actually work!

While I could go on, I think that’s a good list to get you started! Let me know what you think below…

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