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So, your due date is approaching and you’re starting to feel a little…exasperated. To say the least…

Pregnancy can be hard at any moment, we know that. There is nothing worse than the never ending final hurdle though is there? I’m sure you’ve heard many women before you say they’re gonna pop and you couldn’t imagine why until here you are, staring at this page, searching desperately for a baby-prompting solution.

Luckily, the good news is you don’t have to do strange acrobatic moves or eat like a mexican (unless you are mexican of course, which by all means…). Nope.

I’ve talked to many women who’ve tried and tested these little gems in the list here and they’re more simple than you think. Why didn’t you think of that, right? That’s what I’m here for, darling.

Now, as long as you’ve got the green light from your doctor/midwife, feel free to try some of these quick and simple tips to help get baby on his way!


Yeah I know, sounds like a no-brainer right?

Funnily enough, it does actually work but I find ir ironic to recommend this as I personally found relaxing the last thing that comes to mind during those last few days of pregnancy.

It goes more like: have I done enough birth prep? Have I listened to my special CD? Do I have enough bodies for baby? What if they don’t fit, shall I pop out and get some extra small ones?

Yup, been there.

Now experts will tell you to do some deep breathing (yeah right!), a few yoga poses (even less likely…) or take a warm bath. Sure the warm soothing water could relax your body, but if only you could relax that mind in overdrive….

I got you. So you do this: you invite a couple of besties round, pop open the non-alcoholic champagne, pizza in the oven and have a good old natter.

This is my tried and tested theory. Seriously!

BABY TALK FORBIDDEN. Listen to the ins and outs of their love stories, how they can’t fit into their old skinny jeans (here you can really bellly laugh!) and how Gerard at work won’t stop looking up ladies’ skirts.



It’s well known to most of us that walking is great for exercise during pregnancy, but did you know it can also be a great natural labour starter?

Maybe it’s something about mummy’s bouncy movement that reassures baby or maybe it’s the change of air for mum that eases her late-pregnancy troubles.

One thing’s for sure: there is actually some science behind it! Apparently, it’s the upright position of walking that stimulates baby to shimmy down the cervix into position – otherwise known as engagement.

Aaaand…baby’s head pushing down helps release our old friend Oxytocin, which as we know stimulates contractions.

One word of advice if you want to give it a go – stick to a quick ten minute walk or nothing more than you would usually during your pregnancy. You don’t want to tire yourself at the final hurdle!


I’m sorry, was that a bit bold? Let me re-phrase that.

Enjoy passionate love-making one last time before you won’t have any time to make for it between constant nappy changes and feeds or generally won’t feel like having ANYONE or ANYTHING touching your sacred lady parts.

A lot of women don’t really feel like getting intimate during this last intense, impatient part of pregnancy – and rightly so. Usually is goes two ways. I was luckily in the second category of horny-all-the-time right up until the end.

In fact, that may be what actually triggered my own labour. If you’re struggling to even imagine some bedroom time right now or you need a little inspiration – check out my article on love making positions.

So where’s the logic? Well, it’s all in the sperm. Yes, ironically, the same golden (!) liquid that got baby in there, could get baby out. That’s because of the spermacide (check spelling) helping to break down the mucus plug protecting baby from just poppin’ out.

ALSO, the female orgasm can help induce you because of the happy hormones post-sex. So, you don’t even have to do penetration if you’re not feeling up to getting inventive, a little harmless foreplay could be all you need to get your kicks and your kickstart to labour.



Um, no. This is not just some other crazy article on the internet you’re reading here. This is the tried and tested real deal.

Think about it – for baby to come out reasonably pain-free, you gotta make exercise that perineum! Just as you wouldn’t run a marathon without warm up, why wouldn’t you consider the same for your sacred lady parts? They deserve only the best too.

‘But what exactly is perineal massage?’ I hear you cry. I too, asked myself the same question all those months ago.

Suprisingly, it’s not actually that difficult. You have two options: outside or inside. For those who don’t fancy any prodding around in the interior of their vagina, fair enough. Simply squeeze a bit of primrose oil onto one finger and massage delicately the part between your vagina and anus opening.

For those of us a little more familiar or feeling up to the job, the trick is to squeeze that oil onto the finger again, this time just placing the tip gently inside the opening. Now twirl finger around feeling the vaginal walls. Now stretch them a little in all directions. This will slightly enlargen the opening allowing for a more flexible passage for baby.

Tip: if you don’t have evening primrose oil, coconut oil will do just fine.


If you can manage to empty that poor old pregnancy head of yours, full of to-do lists and last minute checks, this is for you. It definetly worked for me!

If you haven’t tried hypnosis during your pregnancy, it’s never too late to try. There are plenty of guided relaxations on YouTube you can try for those nights when you can’t sleep for the thoughts buzzing around in your head.

Set the scene – light a candle, sit in your favourite chair, do whatever makes you feel most at home. Why not make your own affirmation cards or if you’re not feeling too artistic try mine here.

It doesn’t mean you have to picture all the ins and outs of your labour but rather think about the sensations you’d like to have – focus on how you’d like to feel, happy, excited, at ease?


Waiting out those last few days of labour can be frustrating, to say the least. Hopefully some of the tips I’ve written out clearly here could help you bring baby into your arms and ease the weight on your….belly!

Remember that although we can try and help welcome baby, ultimately she knows best when to make her entrance into the big wide world and leave mummy’s warm, cosy home.

Ladies reading now – have any of you tried one of the above or invented a magic technique of your own to get the ball rolling? I’d love to know!

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