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I get it, we’ve all been there.

There’s been hype about Valentine’s Day for weeks, yet we’re here scrambling something together in the last few days…I got you covered.

Read on for 7 last-minute DIY ideas!

Let’s get started, but before you do, grab a drink of your choice to keep you from panicking, take a deep breath and let’s do this.

Why bother with Valentine’s?

I’ve been back and forth about Valentine’s my whole life as I do believe that every day of the year is a reason to celebrate your love together.

Yet, I found it really sweet as a kid when I saw how something so simple would bring my parents together…

Cause we’d love to dedicate EVERY day to each other, but that’s not really realistic is it?!

So enjoy the day, afternoon or evening together, with your DIY present you whipped up thanks to this post 😉

Nothing shows love better than something YOU made right?

1) Heart Lotion Bars

Just looking at them makes me well up with emotion…they’re just so pretty! (Okay, it may be because I’m preggo, don’t judge!)

Head on over to livingthenourishedlife for the full recipe ->>

2) Memory jar

If you’ve been together for a while, chances are you’ve already made a lot of memorable moments together.

So why not write some down on little paper notes, roll them up and pop ’em in a jar?

It doesn’t matter how many you make – could be a month to a year, it’s up to you!

3) A picture

If you’re feeling creative, you could try drawing something simple!

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – take these little animal paintings I made as Christmas presents:

Ok, the lion may be a bit complicated but the silohuettes are pretty easy to do!

4) A Valentine’s calendar

Come on, I’d be silly to do a post of the best DIY presents and not include my own right?

It may be more done for you than do it yourself, but it’s sure to blow your socks off (if I do say so myself)

Go check it out ->>

5) Love Rocks

Is a picture a little too much? Is your SO the outdoorsy type?

Mine certainly is, in fact plants swamp our home. (Much to my delight!)

So make his garden or his man space pretty with a simple DIY trick of rock painting.

Go see the original idea ->>

6) Pancake breakfast for two

Underground Crafter

If that doesn’t sound yummy enough, how about preparing it beforehand in a jar?

With a beautiful design like this one by Underground Crafter, you’ll be on track to making a breakfast to remember.

Bonus: you could even cut strawberries in the form of hearts as a topping, drizzled with maple syrup!

7) Handmade mug

Feeling Nifty

You don’t actually have to make the mug (let’s all breathe a sigh of relief!) you just have to decorate it.

It’s as simple as taking an oil-based sharpie and having fun with it!

Take this design for example, by FeelingNifty.

If you’re stuck for ideas, Pinterest is your go-to for inspo.

Which reminds me, why not pin this post too? 😉

I hope you enjoyed this post and you have a few more ideas under your belt!

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