I’m Lucie.

After having a positive home birth experience, I was often asked what I did to be able to do it.

Hearing women’s questions got me thinking: was I lucky? Was it a fluke?

Or was there something I did that dug a little deeper into mindset and mentality?

Why were so many women feeling disappointed and unsatisfied with their birth stories, and how could I help?

All this led me to create Femme To Mom, a place to help women overcome their fears of giving birth and have a smoother transition into motherhood.

Because I truly believe that the day our children are born is one of the happiest moments of our lives – or at least it has the potential to be that way.

I believe that every woman deserves the right to a peaceful, happy birth.

And I believe that every woman should have the right support to enter into motherhood confident and in tune with her intuition.

So if this sounds like you, let me guide you through your journey – wherever you’re at.

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Love and peace xo