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Create a clear roadmap to your innermost desires

Align your needs and priorities and get your spark back

We get it....

c e n t e r · e d

Let’s help you join the dots between the roles you play and find balance again.

I know that you feel scattered, overwhelmed and quite frankly lacking space to be you –

I know because I was you, I am you…I’m still learning.

But something dramatically changed for me when I started to prioritize joy and pleasure.

I emerged from the mundane and could see again, all that I wanted to bring to life and you can too.

If you've been feeling like...

"Lucie genuinely cares so much about mama well-being and mental health. She delivers a fresh perspective and makes you feel held in moments you think you’re failing”

- inés kelly


…And less overwhelmed, YES – even with all you’ve got going on!

Your to-do list feels lighter, things feel more manageable.

With a lighter mental load and more emotional integration, you have space for your desires and dreams


c e n t e r · e d

A place to come home to yourself, work on the deep stuff, but in a fun and supported way.

How it's going down:


week 1


We start by re examining our priorities right now and looking at where we’re aligned or not with our purpose.

  • We examine your energy levels 
  • We deep dive into the different aspects of your life
  • We outline the top five values you want to embody


week 2


After looking into your priorities, the boundaries you need to establish or work on become clearer. What you say no to, opens the door to what you truly desire.

  • We identify what having your boundaries crossed feels like
  • We translate needs into boundaries
  • We practice boundary setting in key situations


week 2

creating space

We look into what creating space feels like for you on all levels, physical, mental, emotional

  • We find ways to expand our perpeption of reality
  • We create new pathways for possibility and opportunity
  • We prepare the ground for planting our intentions later


week 4

Transitions and grief

We start to develop an understanding of the ever-ending grief cycle we go through in life and motherhood.

  • We learn about the five stages of grief and where we’re at
  • We address the season we’re currently in
  • We allow all emotions to be accepted and released


week 5

Working with triggers

We observe our common reactions and understand our individual response to stress, as well as understanding why this happens.

  • We shed the light on parts of ourselves not fully integrated/accepted
  • We understand what causes our biggest reactions
  • We get equipped with the tools necessary to process in the moment


week 6

Guilt and shame

We learn the difference between guilt and shame and how to tell which you’re feeling.

  • We get to the root cause of guilt and use it as guidance
  • We break down the societal pressure of success
  • We accept guilt as it is and reframe the story


week 7


After doing all the hard work, we have a fertile planting ground for planting our intentions for the near future.

  • We get clear on what we want, when we want it
  • We identify possible roadblocks and how to get through them
  • We associate the intention with a feeling to further anchor it


week 8

Organisation and planning

Now it’s time to take the small steps and start putting one foot in front of the other.

  • We break down your intentions into actionable steps
  • We develop routines and rituals to support you in your vision
  • We support each other in GETTING THINGS DONE.

Bonus Content:

Bonus 1

Workbook each week

Every Monday, I send you the week's workbook with prompts and reflections to go through.

Bonus 2

Activation audios

To integrate the deep work we'll be doing, you will also receive audios that activate new neurological pathways.

Bonus 3

One 60 min session

As a thank you for being my founding group for this round, you get to book a 60 minute call with me to further support you.

Meet your mentor...

Hey darling, if we’ve not met before let me present myself briefly:

I’m a multi-faceted, imperfect human, bringing all my layers together to provide you with the experience of coming back to your core.

Making music that heals from within, guiding women through transformative processes and seeking the joy in life is my jam.

Will you join me?

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c e n t e r e d

Make your wellbeing a priority and regain your spark.

"Lucie, has a very warm, gentle and attentive energy. I felt held and safe with her. It’s already so valuable to have another human who is truly listening and asking the right questions and by that creating a space for needs and desires and dreams."

- Maja Jurišić Škara


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