The beginning

Femme to Mom started when I realized how overwhelmed women were getting when facing pregnancy, birth and new motherhood alone.

Over the last two years this love of mine has been evolving with me, to the point where I am now – offering soulfully led coaching for mamas wanting to take up more space in their lives.

I always knew that blog posts would not be enough and trusting that perfect timing would come, I took the leap and began to invest in myself as a coach to be able to provide more support to you.

the face


Lucie Gabrielle

Hey beauty!

I truly believe that if you’re on this page, it’s for a reason.

No seriously, I know it sounds cliche, but you and me were just meant to meet.

You are a woman who may not have figured out what she wants in her life right now, but I bet you’re pretty damn sure of the direction.

I’m Lucie, and I like to play with the polarities in life. Laugh at my struggles, cry out of joy and seek balance in the most impossible: work/mom/home.

It is in the delicate dance of giving to your close ones and giving to you, that you will learn so much about yourself.

Some of my hobbies when I’m not untapping limitless potential include:

  • A good hot cup of coffee (yes, coffee-drinking is totally a hobby!)
  • Writing and contextualising ideas into words
  • Enjoying life to the fullest
  • Making peace with my inner work/child
  • A piano session without kids interrupting 🙂


Pleased to meet you! Here’s hoping you’ll stay.


Brand meaning

Femme to Mom comes from the French word for woman, so what is means is Woman-to-mother.

It marks the transition in which we shed our maiden archetype and evolve into our role as a mom.

Within this transition lies also the reclaiming of the wild woman within – a search that can be difficult to do alone, especially after hours of tending to your children’s needs.

As you journey from woman to mother, mother to woman, you can expect me gently nudging your intuition and cheering you on from the sidelines.