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Breeze through the summer without losing your shit

Use this simple planning to revamp your mealtimes, always have an activity at hand and dramatically reduce your stress levels

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Simple Summer Schedule

Can you imagine actually looking forward to spending more time with your kids, rather than pulling your hair out because you just don’t know what to do with them?

I get it, I’ve been there too. 

Once I applied easy structure to my day to day, it suddenly got a whole lot…

I don't need to convince you that

no more "what's for dinner?"

Imagine a world in which making meals day after day feels easy and you know the kids will love it!


Clear your mind and build more patience with your kids as a result

Always have an activity at hand and avoid kiddie boredom and fighting

With everything taken care of, self care can become a priority



Simple Summer Schedule

Here’s a great place to introduce your course, and tell everyone how great it is and how it’s going to change their lives. Don’t get too in-depth, we will share all the details below! 

Bonus Content:

Bonus 1

Pantry essentials

Know what to always have on hand that you will use on repeat, week after week

Bonus 2

Weekly shopping lists

Get your shopping list every week according to the meals in the sheet

Bonus 3

Baby activities

Never un out of ideas - even for the littlest of tots!

Meet the Creator

Lucie is a Mama coach on a mission to help women get out of overwhelm and claim back time and space for themselves.

She holds healing transformative sessions, as well as creating products she knows will help reduce mental overload.

You can connect with her by dropping her a message on Instagram, or emailing at lucie@femmetomom.com.

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Simple Summer Schedule

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