Sometimes during pregnancy, we are like gracious flowers waiting to bloom.

Sometimes we are a hormonal mess trying to keep our shit together in public and crumbling in front of the ice cream carton as soon as we enter the front door.

Sometimes we feel like powerful and sexy warriors practising our nesting habits in a sexy nightgown.

For those days where you feel more glowing goddess than fat and frumpy, here are some tips for intimacy during pregnancy.

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Before we start, let’s just clarify: as long as you have a low-risk pregnancy, sex will not harm the baby or cause you to go into labour. So check with your doctor or midwife if you have any doubts and make sure you’ve got the OK before attempting any acrobatic-like bedroom sports. Ahem.

How is pregnancy sex different?

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So without further ado, I give you the top 6 positions you can try out as and when you want!

1) The original missionary

Ok, so I’m not saying that you should try this 8 months pregnant, because it just won’t work. BUT it is one you can keep on doing throughout your first trimester. If you like to reach down and stimulate yourself manually at the same time, then this one’s for you.

As your baby bump grows, you might need to modify this postition and get your partner to hold his weight with his forearms. This protects you and strengthens your man’s arms – win win!

2) Pregnant goddess on top

For those women that like to take charge of their own pleasure in the bedromm and know exactly what they like, this can be a doable position more or less up until the end. This one allows you to sit up so as not to squash your precious tummy and again provides access to manual stimulation.

If you can get past the initial fears of how you might look from that angle – which I’m sure any partner will find erotic don’t worry – it’s a really nice one to feel close with your partner.

One thing I would watch out for is your ever-changing cervix during pregnancy. In some women it can cause the vagina to change shape inside and becoming more of a curve – so be sure to check with boo that you’re not harming him either by sitting up too straight.

3) The sideways 69

Just cause you’ve got in a bun in the oven now, doesn’t mean that this one isn’t on the table! (Well, don’t actually try it on the table, please…) This classic can be great when you don’t necessarily feel like penetration or for an exciting warm up.

I have written lying on your side as this can be much more comfortable for you – although that doesn’t rule out the original, you will see yourself what feels right for you.

And if you don’t feel like reciprocating, just do the 6 without the 9 or…well you get what I mean!

4) Leg over

This one took me a while to get my head round the first time I saw it after turning the page around a few times to get the right angle. Don’t worry, once you get it – you’ll be hooked!

I especially recommend this one if you’ve got a bad back and you need more rest than action. Now, you lay on your back, and boo lays on his side – you sort of make a ‘T’ shape if you will.

Rest your legs over his, and grab on to his arms if you feel like it. For the hopeless romantics however, it may not be for you as you’re not very ‘close’ in this position.

Need more spice in your marriage but no time on your hands?

5) The chair

Yeah – kinda self-explanatory really. He sits on a chair, you get on top. DO be careful it’s a chair that can support the weight of you both (or should I say three?!) though. We don’t want any accidents to happen.

A firm yet soft and cuddly armchair will do nicely. This is nice for more cuddly sex rather than full-on animal style. Look into each other’s eyes and let him tuck your hair back as you get into it.

On the downside, if he finds you a bit heavy (no offence mama, it’s the baby, we know) towards the last trimester, you might want to give it a miss. Or refer to position #1 to build up his arm strength.

6) Lovely lioness

This is an adaptation from the good old doggy style. You don’t want to push yourself too hard towards the end, so take precaution if you want to try it out.

Now, place a cushion underneath your beautiful belly and slide down into a puppy pose yoga-esque postion until you feel comfortable. You can even lie flat if it’s too strenous on your back.

Obviously there are few men who would say no to this position, the question lies in whether you feel up to it. Note: many women’s vaginal shape changes throughout pregnancy, so what might have worked during the first trimester, might not work now. Or vice versa, you get the jist.

7) The ‘spoon me I’m too tired’

Aha! Alas, probably the only position you can still achieve well into your 9th month. Well, that is unless you’re a super ninja yoga powerhouse that goes against all odds.

Not only is it incredibly comfortable for those days where you feel like some light love-making, it’s a great way to bond with your partner too.

Turn your head towards him for a warm kiss or let him hold your bump, if it feels right for you. You won’t get tired of this one, trust me.

So there you go, my favourite hand picked 7 for you, cause you know, seven is a lucky number and all….and hopefully your luck will be in with these. See what I did there? Cringe.

If you have any more you can think of or the ones that worked for you, I’d be intrigued to read your comments below!

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