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So you’re trying for a baby. Or perhaps you’re worried that your contraceptive method hasn’t worked. Either way, how do you know the early signs of pregnancy?

Some women feel the early signs of pregnancy from as little as four weeks, while some feel nothing at all.

What should you be looking out for? We’ll go over the oldest symptoms in the book, plus some real-life examples from friends of mine at the end, so keep reading!

1) Frequent urination

Not very discrete, I know. When you’re in the middle of a get together with your SO and you keep disappearing every five minutes…this is a sure fire sign of early pregnancy.

Why does this happen, though? Again, it’s all down to those infamous hormones – but to be particular, this one is called hCG and it increases the blood flow in your pelvic area.

That amounts to some possibly awesome sex, but frequent trips to the ladies room.

2) Fatigue

For me, this is going up high in the list as it was one of the first signs I knew that I could be pregnant.

I mean, there’s tired, then there’s dragging your feet around all day to do anything and never feeling fully recovered from a nap.

If you’re feeling worn out constantly, no matter how much shut-eye you’re getting, you could be pregnant.

All this tiredness happens because of the high peak of the hormone progesterone in early pregnancy.

Progesterone lowers your blood sugar levels,

3) Swollen, tender breasts

If you’ve been feeling more Pamela Anderson than Kate Hudson recently, take note.

Seriously talking, your breasts could feel heavier and fuller within two weeks from conception.

Again that’s progesterone playing it’s role in encouraging growth of the milk-producing glands called ”

Not only that, but the part of your breast called the aerola (which surrounds the nipple) will change to a darker colour.

As many early pregnancy signs are very similar to those of your menstrual cycle, you may be able to recognise the sensation of fuller breasts. It’s the same as when they become tender right before you get your period.

Sensitive breasts and fatigue are common symptoms/Photo by Elle Hughes

4) Spotting/light bleeding

Photo by Elle Hughes

You may mistake this as the beginning of your period. The difference is subtle, only the light spotting will not follow by regular bleeding.

This spotting is due to the embryo being planted in your uterine wall.

What the process is actually called is implantation. It is the very beginning of conception.

If you’re unsure on what you might be feeling, read this informative and extensive post by Mom Loves Best to find out the subtle differences between implantation bleeding and your period, how common it occurs and how to recognize other symptoms that come with it.

Go to the article on Implantion Bleeding here.

The light bleeding you see is from the force in which the embryo nests itself nicely into the wall of your uterus can sometimes cause some tiny blood vessels to pop.

It usually occurs before your missed period, so around 5-10 before conception. So if you think your period’s arrived early, it could actually be a tell-tale sign of pregnancy!

According to Mom Loves Best,

5) Morning sickness

If you’ve started to feel queazy or wake up nauseous, you could be pregnant too. Morning sickness usually occurs in the morning because the ….peak at this time

That’s not to say that you can’t feel this symptom any time of the day, though. So don’t be fooled if you’ve felt like this in the evenings too.

The sure sign to tell it’s not just some indigestion is to follow the occurence: morning sickness usually happens regularly.

Of course, some women rarely suffer from morning sickness. I remember having it only on a couple of occasions.

It’s perfectly normal if you don’t feel this symptom, every body reacts differently to pregnancy hormones.

Just like there are women who may have symptoms of nausea throughout their entire pregnancy. Hopefully that’s not you!

6) Feeling bloated

This was seriously the sure sign that I was pregnant for me. Normally I only get bloated when I eat too much bread, so when this feeling just didn’t shift I knew something was different.

It’s a little similar to the pre-menstrual bloating that you have when you’re about to have your period, though it doesn’t follow with cramping.

7) Constipation

Goes sort of hand in hand with feeling bloated – if you’re having trouble going to the toilet lately, this could be an early sign of pregnancy.

Of course, every woman’s level of constipation is different, depending on how frequent your bowel movements are normally.

So the key here is to watch out if things slow dramatically down. If you usually manage to go to the toilet daily, for example, yet haven’t been in more than two days, stay attentive!

8) Food aversions/cravings

You might have noticed that you’ve suddenly become over-sensitive to tastes and smells. If this is the case for a particular food that you usually love, something is different!

Not all women experience food cravings and there is still a general mystery around why it happens.

I like to believe that it’s my body being more wise than I am and telling me what I need. Though that could be argued with if it were craving ice cream 24/7!

Have you gone off your favourite bagel?/Photo by Jaymantri

9) Heightened senses

Your taste buds apparently aren’t the only sense to be affected when you’re pregnant apparently.

Your eye sight, though it isn’t heightened, can become blurry – this is due to the changes in blood circulation and fluid retention.

You might even notice that you can’t stand loud noise anymore! And of course, as I’ve mentioned – your smell can become much more sensitive. Many women experience nausea as a side-effect of heightened smell in fact.

The next step

If you suspect you’re pregnant, you can now get pregnancy tests that you can even take out before the day of your missed period.

The most common early pregnancy tests being Clearblue and First Response, which you can take up to 6 days before your missed period.

Or you could wait it out til you miss your period and check. Once you get a positive test result, it’s time to go to the doctor’s and have an official test.

Mommas like you get real on how they suspected being pregnant…

‘I could smell EVERYTHING. By the third kid I was like, yep, Iā€™m pregnant. The kids stink and I smelt bananas clear on the other side of the house.’ – Charisty Hailslip from joyfitfam

Sasha from lifescarousel says:

‘My skin was always my first clue I was pregnant. Literally, as soon as I got pregnant my skin would break out worse than a teenager the day before prom! And it would stay bad until the 2nd trimester. ‘

Liz from playinspired experienced one of the most typical early pregnancy symptoms:

‘It was just the vomiting for me. Literally from the day after conception. It’s how I knew I was pregnant every time except the last.With my last, I didn’t find out I was pregnant until really late on, and I didn’t have any sickness at all. Once I knew I was pregnant, my crazy pregnant brain decided there must be something horribly wrong since I hadn’t felt sick at all. I spent the whole pregnancy worrying about it!’

For Brittany, aka OneWeirdMamma, it all came down to the boobs, and a strange premonition…

‘My boobs told me, about a week after conception they were so sore I was in tears if my husband looked at them wrong.  
And I know the pregnancy will show up on an at home test when I start getting mad at colors…has happened with both pregnancies. ‘

‘My first symptom was complete and utter exhaustion that came out of nowhere. With my first pregnancy, I remember driving home from an appointment at 8:00 p.m. and feeling like I might fall asleep at the wheel. I sent my husband out for a pregnancy test, and it was positive!’

Anissa from Mamagoesbeyond

Ashley from Momlikeyoumeanit explains that she just instinctively knew something had changed…

‘For me, I always have the exact same symptoms the week before my period. The month I got pregnant I had no symptoms the week before my missed period. I just knew something was up! ‘

‘ I love absolutely love pizza and they day it made me sick to my stomach, I knew I had to be pregnant. ‘ Keyona says from Professionalmomma

Jennia from Rootsoftruth says:

‘I KNEW I was pregnant the very next DAY after conceiving my 3rd because 1. I just KNEW. It was nuts. And 2. because of horrendous gas!’

And finally, Sarah from Busybloomingjoy says:

‘I know you can get pregnant breastfeeding, but as soon as I stopped BOOM I was pregnant.  
I had some spotting a few weeks later but the timing was off and I just had this feeling I was pregnant… ‘

AND…..If you’re wondering how I knew, I was constantly bloated. So much so that I thought it was actually the baby bump already showing!

I hope you gained a little insight and had a little light-hearted laughter with us. Stay tuned for an upcoming post all about your first trimester….!

Sources: Healthywomen, whattoexpect, Vitamed


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