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I’m going to share a little secret. Something that rarely goes talked about enough….


There – I said it. And I feel better now. See, this is what I wish someone had told me. I mean, sure, I made a couple of freezer meals and bought a breastfeeding cushion but that was about it.

What I did spend the most money and time on, however, was the material for my home birth and the absorbent pads I’d be needing for the next 6 weeks.

WOAH. Rewind….

Yup, therre’s another little ‘snag’ nobody tells you about. Maybe they don’t want to tell you during pregnancy, you are having enough trouble already trying to get to sleep at night.

BEFORE YOU PANIC: It’s not THAT bad. You just need to be prepared.

Hence the making of this article…so you new mummy can rest up as much as possible having already done your research.

Give yourself a pat on the back.

Now, before we begin, I’d like to make it clear that every body is different. What works for some may not work for others. Where one of you might bleed for three weeks, the next may bleed for double the amount.

In any case, I firmly believe it’s better to be prepared for the worst. Well, not the worst but you know what I mean. Better to have left over pads you can pass over to another pregnant friend than end up having to run out and get some more.

Plus, normal/night flow will be the ones you use most and you can just use them once your real first partum period comes.


‘So what do I need exactly?’ Here we go….

1) Granny knickers

No offence to any grannies actually out there reading this, it’s just how I refer to them so it’ll stick in your head. These are basically these mesh panties you’ll wear during the first few days to keep your high absorbent pads in place.

Sexy, huh? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be sexy straight after giving birth. No one will blame you – you need your rest hun’. No time for sex appeal just yet.

I’m not gonna spend much time on this one, I’d just recommend the standard pack that I bought on Amazon.

These are seriously lifesavers. I wore them for three days because my bleeding reduced quite a bit, but they were really snug and comfy, which is just what you need.

All hail the granny knickers. NEXT!

2) Super absorbant maternity pads

When I was pregnant, during the final month I spent a lot of time researching and preparing for after birth. I wanted to be the most prepared possible as I was giving birth at home.

I’d done my research, I was ready to dive in and let Amazon sort me out. Here’s what I found.

BUT I didn’t want any tacky chemical stuff on my post partum lady parts, so I chose to go the most natural possible.

After hours (literally, getting distracted with cute baby items….) of scrawling through reviews, I got to the product I really liked.

When it came to using them it felt like a luxury which was just what I needed when I was feeling so sore.

I’ve heard a lot of women complain about the ones given in the hospital that feel more like nappies than pads.

From my own experience using them with the mesh panties, I was really comfortable which was essential cause I was really sore the first few days after birth (naturally).

I even got my other half to put two in the freezer and would alternate. Bearing in mind I used two at once for the first two days, then down to one for the rest of the week and then onto the following pads below.

Here they are again in case you missed them.

3) Vagina-friendly normal pads

As our sacred V is so sensitive post partum, it’s worth considering some pads without chemicals like chlorine, if you can. You will thank yourself for it as you’ll be needing some extra comfort.

I don’t really have much more to say about this as I think I’ve covered it all in that little paragraph. Just think, if you’re not sure whether to spend the extra bit of money – you could save by not buying yet another maternity dress and you might have a quicker recovery.

I used these by Organyc and would use them again for my period if I’m not feeling comfortable with my mooncup by that point or using my reusable pads.

They are on the more expensive side, but momma you’re so worth it! Take care of yourself well. Get them here.

4) Peribottle

Not suprisingly, I went against the tide with this one. Most post partum lists recommend the Freeda Peribottle. I have nothing against the brand in itself, I just preferred the underdog for its price.

If you’ve never heard of a Peribottle before I’ll just explain quickly: it’s a gentle alternative to wiping after you go to the toilet when everything down there is just plain sore.

To help with my own healing process, I put a few drops of tea tree oil in warm water and used it in the shower once a day, as well as using it to help me pee those first few times.

I think I held my muscles too tight for fear of the sting – this genuinely helped with releasing and relaxing to be able to pee without pain.

Here is the one I used.

5) Arnica/pain killer of choice

Now, as long as I can, I prefer to use alternative medicine, so I had myself prescribed some Arnica Montana from my midwife which I would take 6 times a day on average.

It is worth noting HOWEVER that this did not work for me the first five days or so. I was on strong Ibuprofen-like pain relief as I’d suffered an enormous amount of back pain throughout the final trimester and birth.

I also still suffered from sciatique nerve pain for the first week or so and it is worth noting that for me I couldn’t sleep for the discomfort, so I would lower my dosis as soon as I felt ready and was down to just a 500mg before bed.

As soon as I could and I felt ready, I moved onto the Arnica. Listen to your body ladies, it knows what’s best for you – don’t hurry the healing process.

6. Lanolin nipple cream

Breastfeeding and cracked nipples don’t have to go hand in hand as long as you prepare in advance! Once your nipples get used to the constant pressure of suckling in fact, you probably won’t need it at all, but having some on hand can certainly make for a good start.

Little tip: Try putting some on the dry nipple and cover with clingfilm before putting on your bra. It allows the moisture to sink in.

The great thing about Lanolin is that it doesn’t matter when you put it on – baby can breastfeed after, so no added worrying for mum!

PLUS you can double up and use it on that dry patch on your elbow. Who knew this little tube could be so handy?

7. Breastfeeding bras

As I’m a bit stubborn and not really a bra wearer, I refused to put one on during the first few days. Who wants to feel strapped in when you’re sprawled out in bed every day anyway?

I soon learned from that rooky mistake when I started putting infinite laundry loads on of milk-soaked t-shirts. I was dirtying more clothes than my newborn, how was this possible?

Then one day I sat down and decided to have a good scout on Amazon until I found what I needed. These are the ones I went with.

I have to say it was a little risky considering every company and brand has different sizing but I read the reviews well before buying and I was happy with my choice.

Bearing in mind that I’m small they fit me just right and they’re a medium – so if you do have a bigger bust, I’d go for a size up.

At home I don’t usually wear the bras unless I’m going to do a home workout, in which case I don’t feel like bouncing around the living room.

The great thing is the nursing pads fit really well inside so you can avoid embarassing accidents while you’re out and about!

8.Healthy meals and go-to snacks.

I can’t stress the importance of this enough. I know *eye roll you’ve heard it before but I wouldn’t be stressing on it if it wasn’t through.

You know those super impatient days before the birth where you can’t stop cleaning the house from top to toe, nevermind arranging and rearranging baby’s chest of drawers?

Use that time and make some yummy freezer meals. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, what I like to do is just chop up some veg so you always have something you can whip up into a quick ratatouille or soup.

Here’s a brilliant post on making postpartum freezer meals ahead of time.

Another favourite is some pancake mix – cause who can be bothered making that fresh anyway? You’ll certainly be able to eat a decent pile of them those first few days post partum. Try them with your favourite fruity toppings or get savoury with it!

Some great snack ideas could be dried fruit and nuts (almonds are great for breastmilk!), apples and bananas. Smoothies and milkshakes will also take away that nagging thirst too!

Check out this post on smoothies for postpartum too.

Okay ladies, that’s my round up of how you can prepare for your fourth trimester. If you’ve been there what helped you get through it?

Leave a comment below and let me know or pin it for later! And if you feel ready to read this check out:

How to rediscover intimacy after birth

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